My Roaring Twenties

Create. Critique. Be BOLD.

He could not find the reason as to why he was going mad. He just knew that something had happened which had led to the result of something, causing something to happen because all of those somethings lead to a reaction. Now, if one starts to look at the reasons as to why he was starting to go mad, the answer was very simple. Life had decided to distort his reality, his perceptions, and in the process he had lost track of which reality he was living. You see, he lives many lives, and all of these lives, all these different personas were fighting to become dominant. This scared him, not because he was slowly going mad, but because all these personas who were fighting one another were all demented. They were consumed with anger, they were drowning in sorrow, and they were excited to do what his consciousness would not normally let him do…. lose control.