My Roaring Twenties

Create. Critique. Be BOLD.

My heart is telling me to get a Toyota Camry, but my heart is telling me to get a Jeep Wrangler. Life Choices

45 dollar tip for serving 4 beers! Fuck yeah!


Realizing its Comic Con Weekend: image

Realizing you aren’t there: image

It’s crazy to be back home, every time I travel it changes me. I come back home, and see everything differently. What once was a blur becomes clear, and new goals are set. This summer has definitely been a roller coaster. Going to Hawaii, dealing with drama, getting out of some bad habits, getting in a car accident, rushing to Mexico to visit my ill grandma, watching two of my cousins who are my age get married, being sick, and dealing with death have all been part of my summer vacation before my last semester of college. I’ve done some growing this summer, and realized a lot about myself. I just have to go with what life throws at me, and hope that I make it though ok. 

I’m convinced wifi is the best thing that happened on this planet. Jk but it’s close

Also I finished The Bridge season one, and I gotta say I appreciate that show for what it is doing. It highlights some of the issues that are going on in Juarez with missing women, violence, corruption, and the fear that people live with everyday. 

The thing about Tumblr is that you can say you’re going to go on for just five minutes, but when you least expect it you’re on here for 30 minutes. This just happened

People who like to be in control of things can have a hard time with intimacy. Intimacy is anarchic and mutual and definitionally incompatible with control. You seek to control things because you are afraid.
- Jonathan Franzen in his eulogy of David Foster Wallace. (via iamnicoleelsasser)